Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Now that it's Fall

I thought I'd share a little fall twist on my go-to fancy leftovers dish, the tartine. Ingredients include oat bread (toasted), sliced mushrooms (sautéed), sliced yellow onions (caramelized), and gruyere cheese (grated). If you happen to have made this dinner last week, you'll have everything stocked in your fridge. All of the prepping is simple and can be done simultaneously before the even easier assembly:

First, the sautéed mushrooms are placed on top of lightly toasted bread.

Then comes the caramelized onions. You can see that I was getting hungry and didn't caramelize to their full potential. It happens.

Lots and lots of cheese comes next. Plus a little salt and pepper, maybe some thyme if you've got it on hand. Into the broiler...

And out comes a delicious dinner! Perfect for eating right off the cutting board and getting you in the mood for fall.

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