Friday, October 09, 2009

First Fall Soup!

As luck would have it, I received a beautiful butternut squash in my CSA yesterday! I was so thrilled to not only be able to use some of the chicken stock I'd made the night before, but also to bring out my favorite kitchen tool: the immersion blender.

I've mentioned before my love for this blender and making soups, but I, unfortunately, took a break from soups over the summer, it being too warm out to have a large pot simmering for hours in a small studio apartment. So I was thrilled to get soup season started last night.

The hand blender makes soup SO easy to make. It will turn simmering vegetables into beautiful, creamy soup (even without cream!) in less than five minutes, without the hassle of working in batches or transferring to a blender or letting it cool before you mix. Simply remove your soup from the flame when the vegetables are soft and the flavors are melded together, insert immersion blender, and voila! Creamy, beautiful, flavorful butternut squash and apple soup. Adjust the seasonings, add a dollop of half and half if you're feeling indulgent, and serve.

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