Wednesday, October 07, 2009

The Future of Magazines: Gourmet and Lonny

I've been thinking a lot about the folding of Gourmet magazine. Of course we've all been hearing about the troubles of the magazine and newspapers industries, but this news is particularly worrisome to me. A lot of the magazines that have been closing were small publications, newer titles, or very niche-driven, so when you see a long time magazine that has been a mainstay in its industry for over 70 years fall, it is kind of shocking.

Gourmet was certainly never my favorite food magazine, but I read it just the same - it had smart editorial, interesting restaurant and travel reviews, and gorgeous pictures. It was a classic for high quality food reading. Hearing all the discussion this week about magazines like Everyday with Rachael Ray taking over the business... eek!

While I'm no expert on the industry, it seems to me that we may be headed in the direction of the new Lonny magazine, which just had its premiere issue come out last week. Lonny is a design/lifestyle magazine that is entirely online. I was sort of weirded out at first - an online magazine?! I'm not usually a fan of reading things on the computer, but after visiting the site, I was hooked. They did a really wonderful job with making it easy to flip through, with high quality pictures that look just like a physical magazine. Plus - and here's the real kicker - if you see something you like, you just click on it and it links you to the website! Genius!

I really recommend you take a look at Lonny. Who knows if this is the future of magazines, and hey, I don't even know if I want this to be the future of magazines, but it is a smart and innovative publication that I think is fascinating.

First picture, August 2009 Gourmet cover; All other pictures from Lonny Magazine

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  1. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Made my day...

    You make such a good point about Gourmet though... how is it that Rachel Ray mag is still going? Most of her recipes seem... blah, lol. They're closing all the wrong mags!!


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