Monday, October 05, 2009

The High Line

On Saturday night, I finally made it to the High Line - a new park created on the old high line train tracks on the west side of Manhattan. I've been meaning to get there for weeks but it always seemed like a hassle, and the first month it opened there were lines and well, it just didn't happen. It seemed like it wouldn't happen Saturday either - it poured rain the whole day, and it wasn't until about 6:30 that we realized it might actually be a possibility.

Though we didn't make it in time for the sunset, it was a beautiful night up there - not too crowded and pleasantly humid from the day of rain. We started at the top and walked down it - definitely the recommendation, as it gets more interesting further down. The whole thing was pretty neat and very easy. We only spent about 30 minutes walking it, and we stopped a number of times. My favorite parts were when we were right next to the river - what a pretty view on a clear night!

I apologize for the fuzzy pictures, but we only had our phones with us, and it was, as you can see, dark out. I'm really looking forward to going back during the day and particularly for a sunset, so next time I'll bring a real camera. I'd recommend a real-life visit anyway, so I hope you get a chance to take the stroll. Maybe not the end all be all of city parks, but certainly an enjoyable walk on a nice evening.

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