Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flower Arrangements

I have a wonderful foyer in my apartment. It is perhaps my favorite part about my apartment - since it is a small studio, the foyer really makes it feel more spacious, and I don't feel like I'm staring at the front door while I'm trying to fall asleep. I've set up a table with various books and frames on it, as well as a place for keys and mail. I also love the idea of having fresh flowers here - a tall vase adds a little balance and is a nice welcome for anyone coming to visit (not that I have that many visitors - my apartment is too small!).

So I've gone through various stages of flowers, picking out beautiful ones at the farmer's market on Saturdays (a great spot for flowers - not only are they local and fresh, but you have a wide variety of price points to choose from with so many vendors). Sometimes it works out wonderfully: the flowers arrange themselves nicely in the vases I have, they last all week, and they look beautiful. Many times, however, they do not: they get moldy in the water, they die right away, my arranging skills are a disaster, etc.

But, this has not deterred me. I will learn. Not sure how yet, but for now I've been trying out some different varietals, talking to the farmers, and getting advice from Mom and friends. Soon, I hope to be able to arrange flowers as beautifully as the ones in these pictures, but for now, a little experimentation never hurt anyone. It's the only way to truly learn, right?

All images from Saipua. Any tips on flower arranging welcome!

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