Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Quiet Day

Do you ever have one of those quiet days? I'm feeling sort of mellow today, a little bit tired, a little bit warm, and moving a little bit slow. It might have to do with this heat. Summer finally came to New York yesterday. Is it okay if I say that I wasn't all that excited? The humidity was, well, humid. Invasive. Thick. Exhausting. I was getting kind of spoiled by the cool, perfectly sunny and breezy weather we've been having.

This weekend, I was down in Charleston, South Carolina. I grew up spending a lot of time down there with my family, and it is always special to be there with them, as well as with the wonderful, lifelong friends we have down there. We usually, however, go in the winter, when the warm Charleston weather is the perfect break from snowy New York.

It is August, if you didn't notice, so the heat and humidity down in Charleston this weekend was, well, twenty times worse than yesterday in New York. I felt like an Eskimo in the Amazon. Everyone around me seemed cool and collected while I struggled to breathe the humid air and settle my constant sweating. My mom was thrilled - "Oh, doesn't this feel great?!" - I stuck to the AC inside.

Beyond the humidity, however, I really had a wonderful weekend wishing Charlton well as he bravely and honorably heads into the Navy. Surrounded by wonderful friends and family, the humidity problem was easily forgotten as we celebrated.

The problem now, of course, is that maybe I celebrated too much! I am exhausted. Wonderfully, it's-August-and-it's-hot-out, exhausted.


  1. Great post, doesnt make me miss NC at all haha! Thanks for your service Charlton!

  2. Awesome awesome weekend. Only thing that would've made it better is if Ann and Clay had been at camp!


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