Monday, August 03, 2009

On Cooking

While I'm recommending articles, I want to mention this one by Michael Pollan, from yesterday's New York Times Magazine. It's by far one of the better of an overload of articles focusing on a certain movie I will refrain from mentioning, as I'm so very tired of reading about it all day every day. Just let me be excited to see it on Friday without feeling like I've already seen it too many times!

The article discusses the decrease of time spent cooking (real cooking) in the face of an increase in time spent watching other people cook on television. Of course, you know I love both. And I sometimes watch Food TV while cooking myself (no, I've never followed along, thank you very much). But I hadn't really thought about society's recent obsession with watching food being cooked, as compared to a general lack of obsession with actual cooking from scratch. It's an extensive article, but there are many fascinating observations and discussion points.

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