Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Poor Oregano

I have to tell you a sad story about my oregano plant. A week ago, we found a small bug and washed it off, hoping everything would be okay. Last night, when reaching for the oregano to go in my marinara sauce (more on that later), I realized it had become completely infested.

I washed it off but soon lost hope - it would not be worth it to risk contaminating the rest of the herbs. And, since the purpose of growing these herbs was to eat them, I would not be spraying them with any killer bug spray, obviously. It went into the trash.

My dear sage plant sits right next to the oregano, so I put it in isolation, just in case it had become infected as well.

And now there is a big hole in my garden. And heart. (Until Saturday, when I can pick up a new plant at the farmer's market.)

The End.


  1. =( I wonder what they are...bugs can be so mean.

  2. I had an infested indoor plant and I ended up having to repot TWO of them because of these nasty bugs. It drove me nuts -- and I can completely relate to how you must be feeling, ha. I had to throw away one of my plants and it was so sad.


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