Friday, August 14, 2009

On Being Outdoorsy

This weekend, I am going camping.

You heard that right, I'm going camping. I'm really more outdoorsy than you think. In fact, I'd love to vacation in any of these spots.

Though of course, they'd fall under the umbrella of "Glamping" or glamour camping. It's a new word I just learned.

And no, I'm not going glamping this weekend. I'm going camping. The last time I went camping I woke up covered in mosquito bites. We thought "sleeping under the stars" would be wonderful. We were wrong.

This time, we're taking a tent.

Images courtesy of Marie Claire Maison, Apartment Therapy, Paw's Up Resort, Go Glamour Camping, and The Panama Report


  1. I just got off the phone with the campsite. They're almost done with the tent's east wing, retractable glass roof and are about to put the champagne on ice. Can't wait to rough it with you this weekend!

  2. I am definitely more of the Glamour Camper lol how fabulous does that look. Have a wonderful time :)


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