Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mari Vanna

Rachel and I live on almost the same street, but she leaves on the West side, and I on the East. Therefore, when we get together for drinks, we meet in the middle. Our go-to spot is Pipa, on 19th between Park and Broadway, but last week we shook things up a bit and tried the new restaurant on 20th street and Park avenue, Mari Vanna.

While the drinks were wonderful (a great Rose Sangria that was tart and tasty was at the top of our list), the decor of the restaurant was truly the highlight. You know when you catch yourself taking photos with your phone in the bathroom that this place is a winner!

We didn't end up getting anything to eat, so I can't vouch for the menu. But if you want to stop in and enjoy a creative cocktail in a beautiful setting, I'd highly recommend this place. Drinks run at a high price though, so don't plan on coming if you're aiming for multiple rounds (we made that mistake...).

This also may not be the best place to go with boys, since the decorations are so, well, feminine, but if you and the girls are itching for an intimate, relaxed, and beautiful spot to grab delicious drinks and a bit to eat, this is the place for you.

Oh and also, this is a Russian restaurant, so they have multiple homemade infused vodkas that are quite delectable. Don't be surprised to see trays of shots being brought around to tables throughout your visit.

Word on the street is that the restaurant is open as of this week. Go!

Non-bathroom photos courtesy Urban Daddy.

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