Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Attack of the Giant Zucchini!

Remember back in July when I posted this picture and thought that my mom's foot-long zucchini was impressive? And I even went to all that length to come up with a new way to make panzanella with it? Well, that was nothing.

My mom has officially entered State Fair Contest territory with her zucchinis.

These things are monstrous! Look at the comparison with the blender! And, as you can see, it isn't just one abnormally large, this-one-was-planted-in-the-sun zucchini. There are multiple. And they have taken over her kitchen!

My mom has since gone into a zucchini bread-baking frenzy. Each zucchini gives her 4 large loaves and 4 small loaves. EIGHT LOAVES OF BREAD PER ZUCCHINI! You can imagine what her freezer looks like. And if you know her, you should definitely be watching your back door carefully because there will be multiple loaves there soon. Maybe they are already there.

The good thing is, the bread is delicious. Delicious. No, I don't have her recipe, so, no, I can't share it. To confirm the quality of her bread though, I can tell the story of when my brother decided to bring zucchini bread muffins instead of cupcakes to his class for his 6th birthday. No normal 6 year old hears zucchini and comes running, so few muffins were touched and my brother got to eat almost all of them. Tricky guy.

Yes, I had three (okay four) slices of zucchini bread for lunch today.

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  1. Glamping isn't complete without a loaf of Mrs. Dunnan's zucchini bread!


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