Monday, November 30, 2009

Print Society

A few months back, I posted a link to Jen Beckman's 20x200 project, a fantastic site for finding great, affordable art. After making numerous purchases there, I started looking around for other sites, and quickly became overwhelmed by the amount of fantastic art that is out there and available. Why would you ever buy another poster when all of these amazing, unique prints are at the ready, and available for comparable prices?

As I said, I was overwhelmed. Until now. The Print Society has just launched as an Etsy for prints. It is an amazing site to get lost on, I can't believe how many prints are available! The editors seemed to have scoured all of those sites out there and gotten the best of the best, it's really a lot of fun to go through some of the works.

I've only surfed for about ten minutes and have already picked out a bunch of things. They also have some neat features - for example, you can get an account and follow certain artists to see when they put up new work. I have immediately jumped on their mailing list and am trying to resist purchasing at least until I get my Christmas shopping done... of course, plenty of these would make great Christmas gifts anyway...

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