Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

So, is anyone else wondering where in the world November went? Last I checked it was Halloween but all of a sudden it's Thanksgiving. And I've posted a mere six times this month, pathetic! What has been keeping me so busy? I have no idea. Really.

But anyway, tomorrow I disembark on a family- and sun-filled Thanksgiving trip. It should be wonderful and relaxing, exactly what I need as we head into the holiday season. Is it embarrassing that I'm already stressing out about my schedule the first week of December? Well, whether it is or isn't, it is definitely a sign that I need to slow down. A beach is necessary.

I do wish I were cooking a big Thanksgiving meal on Thursday. I've been reading so many fun articles about preparations and recipes and planning, jealousy has been creeping in. But I know I'll have many years of Thanksgiving cooking ahead (plus a Christmas dinner in just a few weeks - eek!). For all of you who are cooking for Thanksgiving, or sous-chef-ing for Thanksgiving, I wish you luck!

Have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. I promise to hit the blog running when I return next week!



  1. Will I see you in Charleston!?

  2. Unfortunately, no. In an unusual maneuver, we are skipping Charleston this year and heading down to Turks and Caicos. Enjoy it, though, we'll be thinking of you all at Yeamans!


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