Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Book Signing

The gallery I work at is dangerously close to Barney's. I'll admit I wander in at least twice a week on my way to the subway. Just to browse! Anyway, last night was no exception, particularly when I got out early from work and Scott Schuman, of The Sartorialist, was going to be there signing copies of his new book, which I'd been meaning to pick up anyway.

The store itself was quiet, so I thought this would be a quick endeavor, but by the time I got to the 3rd floor and weaved my way over to the men's section, it was far from quiet. There were a couple hundred people there, and it seemed more like a cocktail party than a book signing. My first thought was that I should have brought a friend - what was I going to do, stand around by myself? Can't exactly pull off looking like I was shopping in the men's shoe section. Then I noticed a carefully woven line of people waiting to get books signed so I grabbed a glass of champagne and got in it.

The line was only about 30 minutes long, and I met a lot of interesting characters along the way, including the wonderful writer Lynn Yaeger (who signed her page in my book - how dorky am I?). Finally getting to the front of the line was exciting and Scott couldn't have been nicer. He shook my hand and said "Hi, I'm Scott," which was so refreshing (instead of using his full name as if trying to spread his brand). I introduced myself and as usual, we talked a little bit about my name. He introduced me to Garance Dore, which was wonderful, since I love reading her blog (I told her so and she seemed genuinely thankful). And then he signed it. And so did Garance - with a little heart by her name. And that was my little Tuesday night adventure!

The book is available on Amazon, and I'd highly recommend it to anyone - both men and women. Scott's photos are beautiful and the array of styles is very inspirational.

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  1. OH MY! You got to meet BOTH of them??? Sooooo lucky!


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