Monday, June 29, 2009

Herb Garden Heaven

I haven't been up to my usual standards of posting recently, and for that I apologize. I've been focused on finding an apartment - scouring the internet for ads and running around town to see places in pretty much all of my free time! I've finally found one though - and having the "this is it" moment felt amazing. I am so thrilled (and relieved - hunting was stressful!) about the apartment and can't wait to start getting organized and settled in. Be prepared for dorky apartment design posts in the near future!

The one thing about my apartment that I am perhaps most excited about is that there is a window in the kitchen, which is ideal for my beloved herb garden. I started one in Charlottesville (I had floor to ceiling windows and could not resist!) and quickly became enamored. I cannot say enough good things about having fresh herbs at your disposal!

Take, for instance, the empty pantry situation. Last night, Bowen and I were 100% in this predicament. Mom and Dad have been out of town for a few weeks and we've been avoiding the grocery store. We (embarassingly) reached the point where Bowen even finished off the peanut butter! Arriving home last night, I was tired and in no mood for the Food Emporium, but hungry so I wanted a nice, fresh meal - not frozen waffles.

Solution? Garden. My mom has one that is outside (ah, to have land!) so I ran out to survey the situation. No actual vegetables were growing yet, but the herbs were in abundance. I quickly picked off almost all the basil (Mom wouldn't notice, right?) to pull together a pesto. We (surprisingly at this point) had garlic (definitely on the old side, but useable!), nuts, and a half-box of pinwheels in the pantry. Within 20 minutes, Bowen and I were sitting down to a delicious dinner of pesto pinwheel pasta. Without the herb garden, we would have been eating plain pinwheels with butter - comforting, yes, but hardly the flavorful and filling meal I was looking for after a busy weekend.

Alas, my kitchen window is going to be perfect for a small herb garden of my own. Easy to take care of (just water every couple of days) and beyond resourceful!


  1. YAY for finding a place, Calvine!! Can't wait to hear all about it:)

  2. Hey calvine, where's the new digs? We just started looking... so excited!

  3. Bowen6:20 PM

    Narrowly avoided my 4th Sunrise dinner in as many days...


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