Friday, June 12, 2009

The Cupcake Truck

I have gone to the cupcake truck two nights in a row. If I wasn't driving to Maine tonight, I'd make it three. This is embarassing for a few reasons: first, cupcakes are a little trendy these days, and have been for long enough that the trend is getting old. Second, there is only one cupcake truck in the city, so its pretty obvious that I've gone out of my way to find the truck. Third, well, I really don't need to be eating cupcakes every night! But mmmmm... they are delicious. And that's what matters, right?

My first trip to the cupcake truck (locations are posted on twitter - yes, I twitter) was with Andrew. We were thrilled, and even found a "mention this post and get a free mini cupcake!" ad. So, stoked might be a better word than thrilled. Seeing the cupcake truck poised awkwardly on 23rd street was very exciting - I'm not afraid to admit that I upped my walking pace when it came into sight. I'd been following them on twitter since their premiere (the truck premiered last Wednesday) and was ready to try it for myself.

We pulled up to the truck cockily discussing flavor options, only to find out that they only had one cupcake left. On the whole truck. "What?? What about the free mini cupcakes?!" We panicked. Obviously, we got the last one and convinced the girl that it should count as our free minis, so we got it for free. It was banana chocolate chip (see above) and it was delicious. Homemade banana bread delicious.

So then last night, Lea and I had some time to kill before dinner with Tim and Wright, and when we found ourselves in the vicinity of the cupcake truck, it was a no-brainer. (OK, I'll admit, we weren't that close, but we booked it over there anyway.) Though I tried to convince Lea that we could get minis and have them as an appetizer, she played the grown-up and insisted we get a case of four and have them for dessert. I pretended I was happy with the plan, but really I wanted to eat a cupcake. Oh well, our dinner was so good I'm glad she enforced the dessert rule.

The case of four was pre-packed, so we didn't get to choose flavors, but it was a mix so we were happy. The case included 1 key lime cupcake (poor Wright got stuck with this one, because he is from Florida), 2 white chocolate raspberry cupcakes (see below - Tim and I had these), and a Vanilla-Vanilla (above). Though we were tempted to ask if there was a dessert corking fee at the restaurant, we ended up just eating them outside, since it turned out to be pretty warm out.

Again, they were delicious. The only low point was Wright's, which he claimed was a little plain. The thing I love about the cupcakes from the cupcake truck is that they have that special icing that you can't really make at home, but they don't put 2 pounds of it on, like some bakeries. And the cake part really tastes homemade - it is soft and moist, not crumbly at all. Heaven, I tell you.

If you want to find the cupcake truck yourself, follow them on twitter ("cupcakestop") or check out their website. These days they've been doing Union Square for the day and Chelsea in the evening. And look for free mini cupcake deals. And let me know if you're going because I'll come.

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