Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Recipe Index!

"Bookshelf 11" by Jane Mount

I started this blog when I graduated from college as a way to keep in touch with friends and write about the adventures I was hoping to encounter. At first, I stuck with my theme of "Art, Food, Travel, Life" and wrote pretty evenly about each of those topics. In fact, I just realized that the first six months or so of my blog was mostly focused on art reviews! Random!

Well, times have changed. I've moved from Charlottesville to New York, and now that I work in the art world, I don't really have too much desire to write about it extra-curricularly. At least not all the time. In fact, I've started to focus more and more on a hobby that I was just starting to pick up when I left college - cooking.

Perhaps you've noticed that my blog is now almost entirely devoted to food - mostly to my adventures in the kitchen, but also to my adventures in eating it. I've become really involved in and passionate about food and cooking, to the point where it's become a major part of my life. Everyday I think about upcoming meals and different things to try out in the kitchen; I devour cookbooks, magazines, and cooking blogs, trying to soak up as much information as possible. I love cooking. And eating.

Okay, I've gone sappy. I'm not quitting my job and becoming a cook or anything. All I have to announce is that I've created a "Recipe Index" for the website - accessible through this link, as well as the one on the left side of the page. I really came up with the idea because I was having trouble searching through posts for old recipes and pictures, because of course none of my titles match up to whatever food I was making, and I realized that if you, dear, mysterious readers, ever wanted to make something that I've talked about on this site, well, it might be difficult to find it. So I hope this helps!

Oh, and by the way, this does not mean I'm going to devote the blog solely to cooking. I know there are readers out there who, (ahem, Bowen) do not even like my cooking posts, and that's okay! I'll try to keep it mixed, but it's hard when I spend so much time eating and cooking...ha, maybe I should add "exercising" to that list...

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  1. From your friend and passionate cook-er/eat-er....of both your food and mine ... :).... thank you for the index- and for the double post day!!!


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