Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Back Forty Spring Cheese Dinner

I am embarrassingly addicted to daily e-newsletters; I subscribe to a multitude - DailyCandy, The Zoe Report, Tasting Table, Tasting Table New York, A Sharp Eye, Grub Street, Politico Daily Playbook, Who What Wear, and the list goes on - you name it, I get it. Or I'll sign up immediately after finding out about it. I don't know what it is - the excitement of getting so many emails, perhaps - but I really enjoy reading them all. It helps me feel current, and many point out really great events going on in the city, like the Spring Cheese Dinner at Back Forty, which I was lucky enough to attend last night.

I've waxed poetic about Back Forty before, so I won't bore you with my obsession. (Yes, the main image of me on this website was in fact taken at Back Forty). The dinner last night paired spring cheeses from Saxelby Cheese with various beers from Chelsea Brewing Company. It had me at cheese. It had Wright at beer. Immediate RSVP.

While we knew we'd be in for a treat, we definitely underestimated how delicious, informative, and fun the dinner would be. Not only did the chef work with both Saxelby's and Chelsea Brewing Company on the pairings and dishes, Anne Saxelby and the brewer from CBC were on hand to tell us about what we were tasting and answer any of our questions! It was fantastic.

Anyway, the point of this post is not to rub in the fact that I was at this amazing dinner, but as a reminder that events like these are so easy to pass over and hit "delete" on. But so often they are beyond wonderful and truly worth it - we really could not have been happier (or more full!) when we left Back Forty last night.


  1. I LOVE Back Forty - lucky you!

  2. sounds heavenly!! i need to try back forty, like yesterday....


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