Friday, July 17, 2009

Eat your vegetables!

This week, we finally got off the waiting list to join our local CSA (Community-Supported Agriculture). I've been dying to join one for the past two years, but not having a steady location throughout a season made it difficult. Since I didn't move into my apartment until July 1, I was worried that I'd lost out and would once again have to wait until next year. So when Mary from Norwich Farms emailed me with the opportunity to buy a share in this season's crop, I jumped on it gleefully. Check out the goods I picked up last night!!

We got carrots, onions, garlic, beets, fava beans, mixed baby greens and kale. The most valuable part of the CSA, I think, will be that it encourages experimentation with vegetables that you may not usually (or ever!) cook with. While I do enjoy a good beet and goat cheese salad at a restaurant, I've never actually cooked them in my house--and the same with fava beans! After laying everything out on my counter, I immediately started tearing into my cookbooks to mark recipes for some of these more interesting vegetables.

Don't worry, I won't inundate my blog posts with bizarre experimentations with vegetables, but I do think this is an exciting adventure that will lead to a healthier diet and more adventurous cooking.

For more information on CSAs or to find one near you, check out And don't be deterred if your local CSA is full - you may be able to jump in late like we did!


  1. Can't wait to cook up those fava beans with you this weekend! What are we making?

  2. man how cool is that!? happy experimenting I look forward to see what you do! found you from pdubs site...great blog thanks for sharing!!!


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