Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Couch

I've mentioned before that my apartment lacks a couch. I didn't bring mine up from Charlottesville, and realizing how expensive they are, found myself in a little bit of a bind. As luck would have it, Wright's new roommate was bringing a couch to their apartment, so Wright very kindly offered me his.

The only problem with this plan was how to get it from Wright's apartment to mine. We live only about a 5-10 minute walk from each other, so it really seemed crazy to rent a truck. But the couch was too big for my brother's car, so...

We decided to carry it. It was really heavy. So we stopped every block or so and took a picture while resting on the couch.

Though I "helped", it was really these three strong boys that carried most of it. It was actually kind of fun (in retrospect!), because everyone walking by us had to say something. We got a lot of "I love New York!" and "We've all done that before!" and even some "Hey, can I ride on it?!" offers. They were turned down.

With two blocks to go, we were exhausted. Mike took a blackberry break and I longingly tried to guess how many more steps we had. Low point! But eventually.....

We made it! And now I have a couch, so if you want to come over and sit down, you can.


  1. Hahaha, this is great Calvine!!

  2. this post absolutely made my morning!! super cute couch too SCORE! what good men, im still giggling, I miss New York.

  3. If you need any furniture moved, call Harvey, Watt, Berlinger, & Co.


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