Friday, May 22, 2009

Traveling in America

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I hope everyone has plenty of corn on the cob eating, white pants wearing plans for the holiday. Wright and I are headed down to Nashville for the weekend to visit his brothers. I've never been before and am so excited to see the city. Anyone have tips on places to go to? We're hoping to find some fun live music as well as check out some of the sights.

Given the current economy, traveling within the US has really become the rage - I feel like I am constantly reading guides on weekend trips to cities like Portland, OR and Asheville, NC. I think it's a great time to support our country's tourist industry and to check out some cities that you might not get to (like Nashville!).

A few summers ago, Wright and I took a fantastic trip to Pittsburgh. No one really understood why in the world we'd choose this as our summer trip, particularly after the previous year's rendez-vous in France, but we were thrilled about it. The idea first came up because I was in a Warhol stage, and wanted to visit his museum. When we started to look into it, we realized that there were a lot of fun things to see and do there - we went to a Pirates game, a ton of museums, walked along the river, took the tram up to see a view from above the city (I can't remember the mountain/hill's name right now...see picture above) - it was really a blast. But it was fun, affordable ($43 round trip flights), and a great time to just spend together. And now we can say we've been to Pittsburgh!

Along with the big Nashville trip this weekend, we're hoping to do some more American traveling this summer, including possible trips to Chicago to see the new wing of the Art Institute, New Hampshire to see Kate's house, Idaho for a wedding, and Maine to visit my grandmother and camp. There are so many neat cities in the US, and while they may not be Paris or Amsterdam, they have their own special qualities and deserve some enthusiastic tourists!


  1. Idaho for a wedding???

    Can't wait to get down to 2nd and Broadway with you cutie. Bring your cowgirl boots!

  2. How about visiting us?? We are still in the US! It's too bad the flights are a bit more than $43 round trip, ha.


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