Friday, May 01, 2009


So, during these four months without writing my blog, I began to read some more blogs. I've gone through a few phases where I stick to certain kinds of blogs, or have become overwhelmed with too many blogs, but at this point I've tried to hone down my reading to a few highlights, and occasionally doing a big re-vamp/exploration where I go through blog lists and hunt for new ones. It's kind of fun. It's 2009.

So, for your perusing pleasure during your last few hours of the work week, here are some blogs that I've gotten into. Not a particularly secretive list or anything, but I hope there are at least one or two that you've yet to discover.

Food blogs: This is where I began my blog-reading habits a few years ago, and still my favorite kind of blog.
Smitten Kitchen
I recently discovered this blog and couldn't believe that I hadn't found it before. I love it.
Really great, simple recipes.
My cousin is a wonderful cook and currently in culinary school. She writes a wonderful blog about all of her adventures with food.
Big Girls, Small Kitchen
This blog is a great break from the prettypicturesandrecipes hole that many food blogs fall into. The "quarter-life-cooks," who are friends of a friend of mine, share their recipes and experiences with entertaining in New York.
Grub Street
I love New York Magazine.
I recently read Molly Wizenberg's book and couldn't put it down. Thus, I realized I needed to catch up on her blog, which launched the book. Backwards, I know, but the blog is great.
United Taste With Richard Reuben
Richard Reuben was a cooking instructor I had at ICE last summer. His blog focuses on fresh, local ingredients, providing recipes and whimsical writing. Great for keeping up with what is growing locally.

Art/Fashion/Culture blogs: I used to read these a lot more, but have recently trimmed my selection down to a few necessary highlights.
Style File
The best.
The Cut
The funniest.
I read it for the Lost episode recaps every Thursday morning. Hilarious.
A friend of Wright's started this website, which is somewhat New York focused, but provides great info on exhibitions, shows, and parties.
The Sartorialist
As I said, I used to read a lot of these types of blogs, but really have cut down to only Scott's. I find him to be the most timeless, since a lot of these are too trend-driven for me.
The Moment
A great combination of things, this is the blog for the Times' "T" magazine. They could work on the formatting, as its not my favorite, but still interesting.

Home/Lifestyle blogs:
Is it dorky that I love these? Well, I do.
I love the sneak peeks into various homes and apartments. Some people are so creative! This blog makes me really excited to move.
The Pioneer Woman
This blog has won countless awards. At first I didn't really understand why anyone would want to read the random musings of a woman who lives on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, but I've grown to absolutely love it. Ree is a transplanted city girl, now raising four kids and running a cattle ranch with her "Marlboro Man" cowboy husband. Its quite funny, and she takes beautiful pictures.

OK that's all for now. have a great weekend!

PS. How many times do you think I used the word "blog" in this post? It's really difficult because there are no other words for it. It sounds so funny when read aloud.

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