Friday, June 27, 2008

We Interrupt this Program...

Obviously, I'm a little behind on writing about the cooking class.  Everything has just been so overwhelmingly wonderful this week (I've really had the best time and am so glad I chose this as my graduation present) that I've hardly had time to post.  Well, in all honesty, I've just been eating too much to post! 

Anyway, I'm headed to Costa Rica tomorrow with Wright so I will abruptly stop my Cooking updates and continue them upon my return, next Sunday July 6. 

So that you can imagine where I am all week, here is a brief outline of our trip: 

We're flying into San Jose tomorrow morning, and immediately renting a car to drive down the Pacific Coast to Manuel Antonio, a town in between Jaco (surfers) and Quepos, and right next to Manuel Antonio National Park.  We're staying at a beach resortish type place to spend a few days relaxing.  We're then driving the rest of the way down the Pacific Coast all the way to the bottom of the Osa Peninsula.  This area is supposed to be much less touristy and more untouched--thick rainforests with a large diversity of birds and mammals.  Should be much more rustic than the first place, but hopefully Wright will protect me from any scorpions in our bungalow! It should be a really great trip, and I will certainly be writing about it when we get back.  

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