Thursday, June 19, 2008

Johnny Damon

Yesterday, I cut off all of my hair.  It was a drastic move.  For those of you who haven't seen me of recent, I've kept my hair long to very long for most of college, culminating at its recent lengths.  I was averaging at least one "wow you're hair has gotten so long!" comment a day the past month and realized that something needed to be done.  Though I kept it healthy (I may have referred to it as a mop but I like to think that it was at least somewhat attractive), it was just getting heavy and annoying.  It was long. 

I've had it in my head for a few months that I needed to chop it.  Ok, honestly, I've been considering it since Katie Holmes chopped off her Joey Potter 'do and became the Katie we know today.  It was never a serious thought though, particularly as it became increasingly trendy to do so  (I keep a general rule to stay away from trends that consist of irreversible damage).  In the past few months, it came back on my radar as I thought about graduating from college.  What better time to make the move?  Shorter hair in general looks more professional, and my long ponytail was increasingly echoing my 4th grade look.  

So, I decided, I'd do it when I graduated.  If I hated it, I could think of it as a summer cut and it would all grow back by January, no big deal.  And who cared what my hair looked like while student teaching this fall? It was an exciting decision.  4 weeks after graduation rolled around, though, and there certainly was no hair appointment in my planner.  What finally did it?  I'm not completely sure, but it may have had something to do with the heat wave last week:  I was playing golf and had my hair in my usual ponytail.  Even though it was up, it was so long that I felt like I was wearing it completely down!  There wasn't a stray hair from the rubber band, yet strands were flying everywhere and getting in my face from around the back.  It was hot and gross and something had to be done.   

I succumbed to wearing a ponytail, then braiding the ponytail the next time I played.  How athletic, I thought to myself, cracking up at thinking of being even slightly athletic.  It looked lame, really lame.  So I called my old hairdresser, and hacked off a full foot.  

My hair is now just above my shoulders, and so far I love it.  There are moments of fear and doubt, and the feeling of running your hands through your hair and coming up with air is continually shocking. I'm staying at my house by myself this week so I actually didn't even have anyone to show it to for a full day, which was unbelievably nervewracking.  But it's exciting.  Can you tell its been on my mind?  Actually writing a full blog post about my hair - and I don't usually consider myself a very vain/looks-obsessed person - this is extremely self-indulgent, I am the first to admit!  But this is a big step for me.  I'm thrilled.  Irreversible Damage. 


  1. Gana's not going to like it! :)

  2. Any suggestions for a guy who's had the same look since 4th grade?


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