Thursday, March 11, 2010

Snapshots of Maastricht

Working at the fair, it is easy to forget what a beautiful little city Maastricht is.

It's located right on the river Maas, with the old city center on one side, and a more modern area on the other (including a university and the lovely "MECC" where the fair is held).

Maastricht is the oldest city in the Netherlands, and actually was part of the Roman Empire. There are still ruins from the walls at that point, and the town retains an old charm with its cobblestone streets, narrow passageways, and lively, European squares.

I was able to wander the city with the morning off on Wednesday, a rare chance to get in there while it is light out! Oh, and by the way, by "city" I mean very tiny town that is easily all walkable by foot. It's kind of like the size of the East Village. With a 300 year old vibe.

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