Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Sunday Routine

Each Sunday, the New York Times interviews a New Yorker about their "Sunday Routine." The activities are as varied as the New Yorkers - from David Chang to John McEnroe - but one thing remains the same: a routine. I love the idea of having a Sunday routine, and recently realized that I've subconsciously developed one myself. Isn't a relaxing routine what Sundays are for?

I almost always sleep in on Sundays, and then Wright and I have a lazy morning of reading the paper. We've even gotten down the system of who reads which sections first - he likes Week in Review, I must begin with the cover. Sunday Styles is always saved for last, because it is the best. Book Review second to last. I sound like the commercials. Anyway, there is nothing more relaxing than reading the Sunday Times and ordering bagels for delivery.

If there was a new episode of Saturday Night Live on the night before, we'll turn that on at some point. It's nice to have in the background of paper-reading, so that you can ignore skits you don't like and watch those you do. DVR has done wonders for this show, I think - I'd never really watched it live before, since at 11:30 on a Saturday night I'm either out, or if I'm home, I'm already asleep. Anyway, it's been fun to watch, and I like Kenan Thompson, since he reminds me of being a pre-teen and watching All That on Saturday nights.

Around noon or 1pm, we'll venture outside, even if it's freezing. It's just nice to bundle up and brave it, even if only for a few minutes. We usually run errands, almost always to Barnes and Noble, the Whole Foods Beer Store, and Kiehl's. They are all kind of in the same area, and though varied, each is a fun trip that almost always leaves us with empty wallets. But that's okay, it's relaxing!

We then hit one of two places for lunch: Defonte's of Brooklyn (the Manhattan one, on 21st and 3rd) or Luke's Lobster. This weekend we went to Luke's - I'm not sure why lobster rolls taste so good in the winter, but they really do. I guess it's the taste of summer! And Defonte's is super comforting - they have delicious heroes, my favorite being the eggplant parmesan.

By this time, it's about 3pm. The past few months, we've then headed back to Wright's or to a bar to meet up with friends and watch whatever football game is on. After this weekend, though, that plan will be moot, so we'll have to see what new routine we fall into. Let's be honest, it will probably involve cooking!

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