Monday, January 11, 2010

The Weekend

Happy Monday! Was this weekend too short or what? Mine was generally quiet but highlighted by seeing the play The Understudy, which was absolutely fantastic. It's only out for a few more days, though, so if you are in New York I'd definitely recommend you rush to the theater. It's a small off-Broadway comedy starring Justin Kirk, Julie White, and Mark-Paul Gossalaar, and it is really a riot. (I won't lie, it did take me about half the play to stop melting about being in the same room as Zach Morris.)

We also made a lovely lasagna on Saturday night, inspired by my cousin's recent post. She's just launched a new website - The Moonlight Chef - so please check it out!

While I don't have much else to discuss today, look forward to some posts later in the week about a delicious lamb stew we made last night. (Okay, that's all I know so far that I'll write about. Hold that thought.)

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  1. Winston10:23 PM

    Wow, Im surprised Zach Morris would be in an off broadway play!


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