Thursday, December 03, 2009

Suzy Greenberg

I'm a big fan of concerts and always have been. Growing up outside of the city, we had access to amazing shows and if I do say so myself, I took great advantage of this. I've written more extensively about my appreciation for concerts before, but I felt I had to write about the outstanding Phish show I went to last night at MSG.

Phish was by far my favorite band throughout high school and into college, and I was lucky enough to get to see them a handful of times before their most recent breakup (which extended throughout my entire college career). There's something so wonderful about bands like Phish, where it's really all about seeing them live. Sure the albums are great, but most fans even prefer to listen to recordings of them live. And being at the shows? Indescribable. The energy is amazing, and last night was far from an exception.

One of my favorite things about Phish's recent reunion tour is watching my younger brother get involved. At 17, he was too young to have seen Phish before their breakup, so he's been so excited about these recent shows. Even though they've only been back together for 6 months, he's already pulled ahead of me in number of shows attended! Seeing his enthusiasm brings back my enthusiasm for the band when I was his age. Of course, I'm pretty sure he was beyond embarrassed when Wright and I coincidentally sat down four rows behind him and his friends at the show last night. He did a quick wave but we were otherwise ignored. Oh well!

Back to last night. It was SO good. I'm sure I'm speaking to a small portion of my readership, but I can't even describe how great the second half of the second set was - Harry Hood (I die!) into Wading in the Velvet Sea, then Suzy Greenberg (!!) into Run Like an Antelope (overwhelmingly amazing!). The crowd was going nuts! And for the encore, they did a fantastic rendition of the Beatles' Day in the Life and the Tweezer Reprise (yes, they played Tweezer earlier... Picture of Nectar, my personal favorite album, was very well represented last night).

Sorry, I had to do that. I have Suzy Greenberg in my head and I'm just so excited about how well they played last night! Makes me wish I were going tonight and tomorrow night as well (like Bowen...). But, there are other things to get excited about, because today is Wright's birthday, so I'll stop rambling and just say Happy Birthday, Wright!
(Yep, that's the Pineapple Upside Down cake!)

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