Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We've got some catching up to do...

I am aware that I have not posted anything in four months, but this has been a big transition period, so to be honest, I just wasn't sure what to write about. I couldn't focus on Charlottesville anymore (I moved) or teaching (I stopped teaching) or even cooking (my spare time has really gone downhill...I also don't have a steady kitchen). It felt like a daunting task to become a reviewer of my new life in New York. It's a much bigger city than Charlottesville.

So here's a brief run-down of what I've been up to:

I graduated from my master's program in December, and decided I was ready to go home and leave college behind. My semester of student teaching ended, I quit my job at the Museum (did I even mention that I worked at the Museum? maybe not...) and put my apartment back on the market. I packed everything up (saying goodbye to my herb garden, sadly) and moved back into my old room at my parent's house, jobless and excited. I spent the holidays with my family and relaxed for about 2 days before going insane and desperately seeking a job/internship/hobby/anything to do.

As luck turned out, I ended up finding a fantastic gallery that totally aligned with my interests (prints! prints! prints!) and have been working there since January. It has been a dream, introducing me to many facets of the art world, including a 3 week trip to the Netherlands in March. On the home front, I'm currently splitting my time between Wright's apartment in the city and my parents' house in Rye, which is a great money-saver, but isn't all that great for settling in to any sort of routine. I miss having my own refrigerator.

Alas, I'm hoping that this blog will now transform into a commentary on my life in the city, with various recommendations, reviews, etc., as well as tracking my progress as I attempt to settle into working, find an apartment, and truly enjoy everything that New York has to offer.


  1. I'm glad you're back! Although I am on a tropical island, life is just as exciting where you are in NY. I'll look forward to the next post...

  2. 2 days Calvine? Really? Try 7 months, traitor!!

  3. YAYY glad you're back in action!


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