Friday, May 02, 2008

Postcards, 1947-1963

Though this blog won’t be entirely about art, I wanted to make my first entry about my Senior Art Show, which was up at the Off-Grounds Gallery the last week in April. I just found a review of it on the blog artPark. Scroll down a bit, he reviewed my show last. He also thought I was a boy - I’m not.

I think it was a pretty good review - I agree with him that the images didn’t necessarily evoke a certain nostalgia for family vacations, but they weren’t meant to. I broke down the images in reference to a breaking down of the landscape as our relationship evolves with it, both in the sense of family vacations, and humanity’s construction and destruction of the land around us.

In reflecting on the show, I am really happy with it. It was stressful at times, and though I was very nervous for my two critiques, they both ended up being really interesting. The conversations that occurred during them were intelligent, thoughtful responses to my artwork which I really had a great time participating in.

I wish I had more images of the opening on Friday night, but unfortunately I was so overwhelmed that a camera never even got into my hand. It was a lot of fun, though, and meant a lot to have so many friends, family members, and professors come out for it. Thank you!

Below is a link to more images of the show, as well as my Artist’s Statement.

Postcards, 1947-1963

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  1. Calvine - Sorry about the boy/girl mix up. My bad. I hope you found my review helpful. I enjoyed your lithographs. Best of luck to you.
    -Rob Jones


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